A $2,450.37 Reality Check

Before I get into my year-long journey of secondhand shopping, let me first tell you what lead me to this point. The stress of being unemployed has my anxiety through the roof. I spend my time either applying to jobs I’m usually overqualified for or worrying about money.

Worrying about money has brought me to some dark places.Finance

The dark place that inspired this blog came into view when I decided to calculate how much money I have spent this year on different luxuries: restaurants, books, beauty products, travel, technology, and fashion. Just about all of my spending seemed normal until I got to the fashion category. After going through my bank statements from my debit card and two credit cards, I was horrified to find that I had spent $2,450.37 on clothing and jewelry for myself in the past year. Seeing that number felt like how you might feel if you ran straight into a pole while texting: shocked and embarrassed. I should have paid attention, but was distracted by something that seemed harmless.

To put $2,450.37 into perspective, here are a few discouraging calculations:

  • That’s $204.20 each month
  • That’s $47.12 each week
  • That’s $6.70 each day
  • That’s 7% of my annual income
  • That’s three months of my rent
  • That’s $1348.65 more than I spent on groceries
  • That’s a round trip flight to Paris with money to spare
  • That’s a vacation at Kaanapali Beach Resort

This has been a harsh reality check and, in my quest to gain back financial security, I will be starting my secondhand shopping adventure tomorrow, August 22, 2016.

Wish me luck and stick around to see what happens.


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