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Bargaining Budget

Earlier this week, I sped off to a local thrift shop called Dinosaurs and Roses with a budget of $20.00. My original mission was to go and see what I all I could buy with that $20 bill, but I encountered an unforeseen challenge along the way.

It was a very unique and charming store with a staff that immediately greeted me as I walked in. There were only a few other people there, the store smelled like apple spice, and the items on sale were of quality. As I looked around, I started to pile dresses, shirts, and pants over my left arm until I could no longer hold them without swaying a little from the weight of the clothing. At that point, I headed to the dressing room. I had clothing styles ranging from early autumn wear, business casual outfits, and summer dresses. This happened to be one of those days where the diverse array of outfits I tried on were almost all flattering. It was going to be difficult choosing which I would buy and which I would ditch.

This is where the challenge emerged. I realized that some of my favorite items were a little more expensive ($5 vs. $2). I found five items I genuinely felt confident in but they added up to $20.00 exactly. I realized then that I could get ten items if I bought the things I wasn’t particularly fond of. I thought that’s what this post would be about: How far can $20 secondhand shopping? But as I weighed my options, I decided it would be more beneficial for me to pick more expensive items if I like them and will feel good in. If I had bought those shirts from the $2.00 bin they wouldn’t have been anything more than pajama shirts, and that’s the real waste of money right there. So what did I learn? If you are already bargain shopping, it doesn’t mean you only buy the cheapest clothing in the store. You still buy what feels and looks good.

This Week’s Unique Piece

So I bought the things I loved. One of the items is this skirt I bought for only $3.00 that day. I love this skirt because it reminds me of one of my best friends, Miranda. She has the best free-spirited and flower-child style of anyone I have ever known and she does it completely effortlessly. I’ll be doing my next post about how your friends and coworkers influence your style next week!

The other items I bought:

  • Black Romper $5.00
  • Black Pencil Skirt $4.00
  • Boho Dress $3.00
  • Dark Green Peasant Blouse $5.00

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  1. Tawni

    It’s definitely something that as a person shops garage sales or second hand stores, $5 becomes worth so much more than it is when going to American Eagle, etc. Deciding what to buy becomes more about is it worth the $1 or more or is it actually somebody else’s treasure and not mine. Love the skirt!!

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