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Fall Festival Fashion

This past weekend, I danced my butt off at Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas, NV. From the diverse array of musical artists to the incredible food and art, it was a fun-filled weekend. If you have the chance, I would recommend you put this on your short list for must-go-to.

One of the things I love most about festivals is the opportunity to dress however you please. You see people dressed in black with their mohawks spiked and people covered in glitter wearing tutus, but everyone still dances together regardless. This weekend I took full advantage of this freedom to reuse items I haven’t worn in a while and show off my favorite thrifted finds.

Day 1:

Dress- $2.00 Boots- Gifted
Dress- $2.00
Boots- Gifted

Musical Artists: GRYFFIN, Tegan and Sara, Keys N Krates, Galantis, Mumford & Sons, and Zhu.

Food: MTO Cafe

Art: A Group Art Exhibition – Crime on Canvas, Mike Ross, Mark Drew

My favorites from this day were GRYFFIN, Mumford & Sons, Zhu, and the Crime on Canvas Art Exhibition. We also stumbled upon Vita Coco’s and received free coconut water.

As I was walking to see the next artist, a woman actually stopped me to compliment me on my outfit. At that moment, I realized I really should have business cards. (That’s up next on my to-do list.) The biggest regret I have is wearing those boots. They had a bit of a heel on them and I thought it wouldn’t bother me much, but by midnight all I wanted to do was sit down. I’ve learned my lesson, I will NEVER wear anything with a heel to a festival again.

Day 2:

Black Tank Top: $1.00 Cover-up: Owned for 3 years Shorts: $35 (purchased a month before my 365 thrifting challenge started) Boots: Gifted

Musical Artists: The Naked and Famous, Crystal Castles, Snails, Seven Lions, Excision, and Bassnectar

Food: Crafted Brew Seattle Cider (pictured)

Art: Amanda Parer- Intrude, Shepard Fairey, Secret Walls

I have to take a second to rave about the awesomeness of the Secret Walls art piece. It was a digital piece hosted in a dome in Container Park. The show begins as a collection of planets, and each artist has their own planet they have designed. The audience zooms in and out of each planet, seeing the world each artist has created. It was truly a masterpiece until the end when an ad for Pepsi popped up (sigh).

Other favorites of the day: Crystal Castles, Seven Lions, and, surprisingly for me, Bassnectar. I am usually not into bass and last time I saw Bassnectar, Decadence 2015, I wasn’t impressed. The bass gave me a headache, the crowd insanely rude and pushy, and I didn’t recognize any of his stuff. This performance totally changed my mind about him as an artist and bassheads in general. What a misjudgment on my part!

Style wise, this day was a rave day. I embraced the rave look by braiding my hair into buns on the top of my head, applying some extra eyeliner, wearing my best stomping boots, and adding a unique cover-up that I have yet to wear despite buying it three years ago. This was my favorite fashion day, but also my most expensive day style wise because of the American Eagle shorts I chose to wear.

Day 3:

Musical Artists: Autograf, Mija, Chromeo, Flume, and Major Lazer

Food: MTO Cafe (again!) and The Bin

Art: Felipe Pantone, I.S.I. Group, and Mark Whatson

We arrived at the festival a little later than planned so we didn’t get to do and see as much as I would have liked. It was totally my fault though, I took a nap without setting an alarm… whoops.

An artist I was surprised by was Mija. I had no plan to see her, but we had some time after Autografs set and decided to stay and check her out. She hooked me when she played a remix to “Downfall of Us All” by A Day to Remember. Looking around and seeing all the people singing along reminded me that a lot of EDM followers started out at fans of punk rockers going to Warped Tour every year. She brought back so many memories for me with just that one song, and now I am a true fan. I can’t wait to see her set again in the future.

The skirt I’m wearing is a fantastic festival skirt for two reasons: It allows you to stay cool, even in Las Vegas heat, and it is super fun to twirl around and dance in.

Final Thoughts:

  1. Make sure to check out art at festivals, you could miss out on something really cool if you don’t.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to the outfits you find when you search “festival outfits” in Pinterest. Let your freak fashion flag fly. Do you!
  3. You can still get compliments on outfits you buy secondhand. People really can’t tell if you bought it brand new or thrifting.
  4. Go see a performance of someone you’ve never heard of before. You may find yourself with a new favorite artist.


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