10 Things I Will Do Next Time I Shop Secondhand

First ReceiptAlthough my first secondhand shopping trip may seem like a success, the whole experience left my a little frazzled. Here are the 10 things I will do the next time I go secondhand shopping..

1.  I will plan out how much I want to spend in total. 

Before leaving my apartment, I hadn’t even thought about how much money I wanted to spend. This attitude is what got me into money trouble in the first place. I am proud of the $55.00 I spent on 13 items, but I should get into the habit of planning my spending.

2.  I will look through my closet to see if there are any items that can be donated. 

My closet is full of clothing I do not wear. They hang there day-in and day-out without any hope of being worn. It would have been wise of me to pack them up and donate them when I was already headed to the secondhand store; kill two birds with one stone.

3.  I will research which secondhand store I want to shop at. 

I went to Desert Industries Thrift Store. This is a secondhand store down the road from me. I decided on this shopping spot purely because it is close to home. The experience I had there was wonderful. The employees were kind and offered a smile in each passing. The store itself was clean and organized. It wasn’t until I plopped myself down to write this blog post that I did a little research and discovered that Desert Industries is an amazing place. The difference they have made for so many people actually moved me to tears. I will definitely be returning to shop here in the future. To find out why I feel this way check them out at here.

4.  I will have an idea of what I want to buy. 

Secondhand stores are enormous. There are so many options and it is overwhelming. Because I didn’t think about what style of items I wanted before I left my apartment, I had no idea where to start. Luckily, my sister came to my rescue and acted as my personal shopper. Next time I might not be able to rely on her being there to toss shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses over the fitting room door for me to try on.

5.  I will have a limit on how much I will spend on one item. 

Like I said before, I just tried things on and if I liked them I decided to buy them. I didn’t look at price tags. I’ve realized this is a habit I exhibit only during clothing shopping. When I grocery shop, I’m constantly looking at price tags and determining price-per-ounce to get the best deal. I don’t know why I don’t penny-pinch like that while I shop for clothes and jewelry.

6. I will wear socks. 

Secondhand stores don’t have the cute little socks for free like Payless. I wore sandals to go shopping so I didn’t try on the shoes I bought, but lucky for me they ended up fitting.

7 & 8.  I will wear a tank top and I will wear jeans. 

I wore a denim dress with a cute little braided, brown belt clinching the waist. The outfit was on point, but not for shopping. Although I did not need jeans, I had to find myself a pair to try on with tops. A lot of those tops were sheer or lacy and would be worn with a tank top underneath so I had to track down one of those too. It would have been much easier if I would have worn jeans and a tank top in the first place.

9. I will forget about brands and try on whatever I think looks good. 

Classism at its finest is when you feel inferior because of the brand of your jeans. I grew up below the poverty li

My unique piece from my first shopping trip.
My unique piece from my first shopping trip.

ne and I always wanted those Buckle jeans that cost an arm and a leg. When I started making money, I thought buying these jeans would make me a new person. But guess what? I’m was still Ariel, no one noticed, and I $200 went to a greedy corporation. When I stopped looking for brand names while shopping, a door opened up, and behind that door was a thousand style possibilities.

10.  I will buy one unique item each time I shop. 

Taking risks with unique pieces is one thing I want to get better at. I refuse to be a wallflower.

In my About Me, you can look at the first casual outfit I put together from my first shopping trip. The price tag for this outfit from head to toe is $10. For a more detailed breakdown, go to Price Tags.


  1. Nicci

    Desert Industries is great, but if you plan on donating items try Savers. They give you a stamp card and you get additional discounts for every bag you donate.

  2. Tawnia (mom)

    What a great way to recycle and give back to the community! Christmas shopping can also be a whole new experience! You have always had an eccentric fashion sense. This will bean awesome journey to follow.

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