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Vintage NecklaceEarlier this week, I posted this picture of me wearing my great, great grandmother’s necklace. If you didn’t see my post on Instagram, it is a vintage fashion piece that I cherish and wear often. Old jewelry pieces like this one have so much character that cannot be replicated by any designer. The greatest thing about jewelry is its timeless nature. I’m never worried that my jewelry will suddenly become unstylish.

…the only exception to this might be choker fad that goes in and out of style every ten years or so.

Vintage Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

My past few posts, I have been focusing a lot about the ethics behind the fashion industry. I ask, “How can we avoid the hidden price of fashion without giving it up entirely?” I have yet to find a concrete answer for this question, but I think I have found one. in regards to jewelry.

The solution: Invest in vintage jewelry.

What I mean by this is ask for hand-me-downs from you grandmothers and great aunts. If they don’t have anything to hand down then you should be buying jewelry that already exists because, like I said above, jewelry is timeless. The jewelry selections at thrift stores are incredible and usually of good quality. I have yet to find a pair of earrings that irritate my sensitive ears and none of the rings I have purchased have left a green ring around my finger. We can cut our environmental impact, save money, and stay fashionable by investing in vintage jewelry.

Sometimes we can even be surprised by the actual value of jewelry pieces we find secondhand. If no one in my family wanted to inherit my great, great grandmother’s necklace, it may have ended up in a thrift store. Whoever would have bought that piece would have then wound up with an extremely rare find. This is what my great, great grandmother wrote about the necklace: Amber Necklace Description

Although it might seem strange to be wearing dead insects around my neck. It is the history of the necklace and the uniqueness of it that makes it desirable. The necklace is a treasure because no one else I know has something like it and it is a part of my family history.

There is always a uniqueness to vintage jewelry. There is always pricelessness to jewelry handed down from someone you love.

If you have a favorite piece of vintage jewelry with a cool story, follow and then comment below. I would love to feature the cool jewelry pieces of some of my readers.

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